How do you Pho?

To all the Pho-lovers from all walks of life, Roll’d are asking - how do you Pho? Do you sip it, slurp it, swirl it or savour it? Chopsticks or fork it?


Find your Pho-lavour and treat yourself to any of Roll’d’s soul-warming soups packed with fresh herbs, rice noodles and your choice of protein for just $10*. Remember - there's no perfect way to eat Pho, as long as you enjoy it.


PLUS in September, Roll’d will be sharing snippets of its top-secret recipe with a fewlucky ducks in an intimate cooking class. Winners will be flown to Melbourne to join Roll’d CEO and Co-Founder Bao Hoang, his mother Mama Hoang and Roll’d Executive Food Director and Michelin Star Chef, Jonathan Alston in an exclusive chance to become a Pho connoisseur. To enter, simply register purchase a $10 Pho and enter your details and receipt number HERE*.


Try Vietnam’s soul in a bowl at Roll’d today! *Terms and conditions apply. CLICK HERE for more detail.