Entertainment in the Park

2 February - Paula Parore 
Seal said "the moment I heard your voice, I knew I had to have you in my team, you have a powerful honesty in your voice”.

9 February – Rose Parker 
Rose is an acclaimed singer, songwriter and guitarist and her songs go straight to the heart.


16 February - Brett Hardwick 
Father and daughter duo Brett Hardwick and Juanita May will entertain you with their beautiful harmonies, inspirational guitar skills and their heartfelt and creative interpretations and originals.

23 February - Libby Hammer 
Libby Hammer is one of Western Australia's most popular and respected jazz vocalists.

2 March - Melody Itzstein 
She goes with the flow and enjoys the ride, you will feel refreshed after an hour of her soulful vibe.

9 March - Julius Lutero 
Her music is a cross between Jack Johnson and Jimi Hendrix. With lyrics designed to inspire, empower and bring us together.

16 March - David Hyams
The songs are rooted in folk, blues & country styles, with a few of the celtic inspired tunes thrown in for good measure.

23 March - Dave Brewer 
One of Australia’s most inspiring and exciting blues guitarists.