Recycling & Waste Management

Central Park Management is actively committed to sustainability and the recycling of products within the working environment. As developing countries increase their standard of living, and demand on world resources increases, the need to conserve, recycle, and use sustainable products is becoming ever more imperative. The situation is further exacerbated by diminishing resource availability in some areas.

Central Park Management constantly reviews current working practices with a view to consistently improve our use of energy, water and other resources within the common areas of central park. In addition to the work being done by the building management, each tenant and their employees can participate in this worthy cause. As part of our joint commitment to sustainability, Central Park Management has listed below areas within our workplace where we can achieve tangible benefits without taking up much time from our busy lives.

A wide range of items have been identified as recyclable through either the facilities provided by the building or by external parties. The following list provides information on how you can participate in this initiative.

Paper and cardboards should be placed in the RWS recycle bins located under your desk or on the large black RWS bins with orange lids for collection and recycling.

Cans (aluminium and steel), bottles (glass and plastic) and other glass and plastic items should be placed in the blue RWS bins with red lids located in the kitchen or other area in your tenancy.

Fluorescent lamps should be given to one of the Central Park maintenance staff for shipment to the Chemsal Resource Recovery recycling facility in Victoria. All lamps replaced by Central Park maintenance staff are fully recycled by Chemsal who operate the only lamp recycling facility in Australia. Additional information is available at

Printer and Toner cartridges can be recycled by Planet Ark. For businesses that use more than three cartridges a month, a free collection box can be provided. Additional information is available at

Computers Usable computers can be donated to the Mandurah Musketeers Charity Computers Inc. who refurbish them, securely delete all data and supply them to not for profit organisations or other worthy causes. Contact 9534 7834.

Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal will recycle all computers, whether working or not. Usable machines will be refurbished and re-sold or donated if of no commercial value. Machines that are no longer usable will be stripped down and processed for a small charge to enable the components to be safely recycled. Additional information can be obtained from their website at

Usable computers can be also donated to the Technology Assisting Disability WA Inc (TADWA) who refurbish them, securely delete all data and supply them to not disabled individuals for a nominal fee

Photocopiers and other office equipment can also be recycled by the supplier of the replacement equipment.

Batteries including mobile phone and other portable appliance batteries can be recycled by Cleanaway. Some batteries do not need to be recycled, but Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are hazardous to the environment and should be recycled. Additional information can be obtained from their website at

Carpet Tiles All of the carpet tiles used in the building, which are manufactured by Ontera, are recyclable. Recycling of the tiles involves supercleaning them, shaving a short amount of the tuft off them and re-dying them. The tiles are then resold. Additional details are available on Contact Ronny Campbell at Classic Flooring on 0408 947 431 or

Mobile Phones can be recycled by Mobile Muster. For your convenience a Mobile Muster drop box is located at the Concierge desk on the Ground Floor. Additional details are available at

Polystyrene and Plastic products can be recycled by Claw Environmental Polystyrene can be dropped off at their facility in Welshpool at no cost or they can arrange to pick it up for a small collection fee.