Energy Efficiency

Central Park is one of the most energy efficient buildings in Western Australia and is the first premium building in Perth to be awarded a 5 star NABERS Energy base building rating without Green Power. Through a process of continuous improvement the energy use of the building is being constantly reduced; over the past five years, savings of 30% have been achieved and further substantial savings are being targeted over the next few years.

Central Park has proven that a premium office building can also be highly energy efficient. As a premium building, the tenants at Central Park enjoy a number of facilities not available in many other buildings including a fully equipped conference centre, gym, substantial car parking, 24 hour security and surveillance, and a state of the art cyclist end of trip facility. This makes Central Park’s energy achievement all the more admirable considering that the provision of all these facilities has a direct impact on the building’s energy consumption.

The building was well built and incorporates energy efficient plant which through careful management and numerous minor improvements has outperformed its peers over numerous years. Central Park was the first commercial building in Australia to achieve a 4 1/2 star ABGR energy rating in 2006. And now, it is the first premium office building in Perth to attain a 5 star NABERS energy rating.

Additional information on the NABERS Energy rating system can be obtained from
Again proving its commitment to sustainability and the environment, CPM has installed a solar photovoltaic system to generate sufficient electricity to power the Central Park Management Office. The system incorporates 49 panels and will generate over 16,000 kWh of electricity per annum, saving over 13 tons of CO2 emission pa. 

The solar PV installation forms a small part of the energy management program at Central Park which has seen our base building energy use fall 25% over the last 4 years.


  N44165_ENERGY  (PDF, 413 kb)